Hiatus is over – Next Stop CR

Hello friends,

Oh 2020. It’s been interesting. I’ve had this calling to start up my blog again because so much has happened in my life… well everyone’s life really. I enjoy writing but I want to write on so many topics I wasn’t sure how to continue without being put into one box. So I decided… who cares? It’s my blog and I’m going to talk about what I want to. I have missed sharing all my travel experiences in detail and Instagram just isn’t big enough for all the words I have inside me. Oh boy, here goes…

Some of the amazing ladies from my hiking group 🥾

With so many things in my life – becoming the leader of a local chapter of a women’s hiking group to a road trip that took us through 5 states to all the other random crazy stuff, wherever will I start? I decided to start with the present- our upcoming trip to Costa Rica which starts…. tomorrow 🙂 I want to share with you how international travel is during these times and maybe give you a first hand look on how airlines/airports, hotels, and other countries are handling this time period.

The beginning of the Yellowstone trip of a lifetime 😍

I am so appreciative of all your support and thoughtfulness when responding to my posts.

When we first decided to take a trip to Costa Rica I had so many friends offer suggestions and help! Special thanks to Janett, Stacey, and Theresa right off the bat! From recommendations for places to visit, books about Costa Rica, adding me to Facebook groups, and connecting me with locals, I could not have a better support system!

Lake Tahoe Birthday Trip

I am excited to take you on this adventure to Costa Rica for the next two weeks and show you how to navigate any future trips you may have in mind. Thanks for joining me again.

And remember to always,

Travel Nomader What

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  1. “It’s my blog and I’m going to talk about what I want to.” You will never regret this choice. And you will be amazed to find that blogs you almost did not write may well become your most popular ones. It’s a strange phenomenon, but real. So please … do not censor yourself … and write what you are moved to write. So glad you decided to “reactivate”. So glad to be aboard.

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    1. Joel! Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I so often get caught up in what others will think, not that being conscientious of peoples feelings is bad, but when it stops you from doing things you enjoy it’s not helpful. Thank you thank you thank you for always being so kind and supportive to me!! You have no idea how much it means 💞


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