What have we been up to…

Hello hello!

We had a bit of a hiatus and some big changes were made. All positive though… or so we think? Ya, definitely positive changes 🙂

Before I finish our adventures in Machu Picchu (in our next post) I wanted to give you an update on just what the heck we have been up to.

I, Lorna, quit my job. Woo hoo! It’s been a long time coming and Brian and I had discussed it for awhile before finally taking the plunge. It has been good transition, very busy transition, but good. This gives us more time to do the thing we love to do – travel!

We mentioned on our last few Instagram posts that we have another adventure on its way and that our next blog post would reveal the destination… oh crap, that’s this post, isn’t it? I guess we just have to come out with it already. We are going to the Caribbean! On a boat!

So I think that will make us Pirates of the Caribbean right?? We love those movies. We can just turn them on and watch them over and over again. I want to be Jack Sparrow, although Brian has the dreads….

Hmmm, fine, I will be Calypso. She has a cool accent. Damn, Brian still has the hair…

Back to the point.

So yes we are going to the eastern Caribbean including Puerto Rico, Bahamas , Grand Turk/Turks and Caicos, St. Thomas… omg we are so excited!!! And of course we would love to hear from you. Please email, dm, comment, etc with any awesome tips or requests for our trip!

We will also be going to the Everglades, since our port is there. The Everglades is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Alligators, crocodiles, and caiman are so cool! I loved seeing the caiman in the Amazon and I know the gators in Florida will be just as fun!

So be on the lookout for our upcoming trip blog/Instagram posts so you can enjoy another journey with us like you have before, or if this is your first trip with us – welcome and we are so happy to have you come along for the ride!

Have an awesome day!

And Remember to Always,

Travel Nomader What

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