Ok Lorna, think of something clever…

428289A3-E938-4E35-9013-3FF3300DC6DE.jpegHello all… or some… or just me. That is fine. Just me will work. It is our first blog post! And before we go any further let’s explain us, or me, or he. We are Brian and Lorna. We are married. We will both be sharing our adventures, life, travel, experiences… and so on. Therefore, I am not suffering from multiple personalities when I switch from I to we in the same post. (Or am I?) But let’s just start with me for now.

I, Lorna, was quite nervous about starting a blog but finally decided to go for it since it had been on my mind for some time. I like writing and adventure and sharing things I have learned or experienced with others, soooo blogging seemed like the best way to combine those passions. Let’s call this my (our) public diary.

Brian and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary today and what better way to celebrate than starting our blog. We are not professional travelers or photographers by any means. We just want to have fun and tell whoever wants to listen about said fun.

Our pre-anniversary celebration was our trip to Peru that we just got back from. That trip and our many other travel experiences will be shared with you in future posts as we get the hang of this blogging thing.

As we come to the close of our first post, I didn’t want to be too long winded on our first meeting, I want to say hello and I am so happy you are here to enjoy life with us.


And remember to always,

Travel Nomader What

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  1. Janett Sanchez says:

    Super exciting!

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  2. Suzy Moore says:

    Looking forward to reading your travel updates!

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    1. Yay!!! Suzy thank you for following me! I super appreciate the support!


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